Hello -

I am Brian McCoy, the creator of The Teacher's Dungeon. I am a veteran teacher with over thirty years of classroom experience.

Over the years, I noticed that a large number of children lacked the basic skill necessary to understand grade level mathematics. In the 2022 CAASPP exam only about 33% of students were proficient, which left over 66% of students NOT proficient in mathematics.

I decided to embark on a project that would help children become proficient in math. Originally, I developed this program specifically for my students. Now I am making it available to everyone.​​

Plans & Pricing

Your first month is free! You will not be billed until your 30 day trial has expired.

Parent Plan
Up to Five Children pay monthly

After your 30 day free trial

Teacher Plan
Up to 32 Students pay monthly
$ 32

After your 30 day free trial

Parent Plan
Up to Five Children pay yearly

After your 30 day free trial
Save $50 every year compared to the monthly plan.

Teacher Plan
Up to 32 Students pay yearly
$ 250.24

After your 30 day free trial
Save $134 every year compared to the monthly plan.

I love playing The Teacher's Dungeon, because I learned so much this year. My favorite part is the video tutorials. I like them because I love animals, and most of the problems are about animals with funny names. The game really helps me understand math.

The Teacher’s Dungeon is a great teaching tool for 3rd - 6th grade math skills. The game starts students at a basic level of understanding and builds skills up from there. It builds students' skills by covering essential standards, spiraling up in difficulty, and has video tutorials that practically guarantees success.

The Teachers' Dungeon is awesome because it helps me understand math. The tutorials are funny and super helpful! This game makes learning fun!
Queen Pricy - 3rd grade girl
I absolutely love The Teacher's Dungeon. Not only are my students learning the common core standards, they are gaining self-confidence around mathematics that is heartwarming to watch. The strategies that Mr. McCoy shares in his videos are effective. His word problems are engaging because he uses animals like “Lenny the One Armed Lobster”, and puts them into a humorous math problem. I highly recommend The Teacher's Dungeon to anyone interested in helping children learn math!
Mrs. Madsen - Middle School Teacher
The thing I like most about TeachersDungeon is that there are videos to help me understand the math. I have improved in my stats page, so that means that the videos have helped me. I am doing a lot better.
Dragon Fighter - 6th grade girl
My daughter used to hate math. Now she not only likes it, she is getting an exceptional grade. I couldn’t be happier.
Tom - Parent of a 5th grader
What I like best about Teachers Dungeon is the videos. Whenever I get something wrong, I have a video to help me understand what I got wrong, and how to fix it. So next time I get a similar problem, don’t get it wrong.
Dragon Rider - 6th grade boy
The Teachers' Dungeon keeps students focused, engaged, and motivated in learning math standards.
Cristina - 3rd grade teacher
The thing I like best about Teachers Dungeon is the videos. They help me a lot to understand the things I get wrong. The questions help me learn new things. The videos help me learn new strategies. And, the Stats Page boosts my energy and encourages me to keep doing good at the questions.
Lily Pad - 3rd grade girl