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4th Grade Multiplication

4th Grade Division

5th Grade Subtraction

5th Grade Fractions

6th Grade Statistics

6th Grade Fractions

3rd Grade Place Value

6th Grade Fractions



Play, Learn, and Grow

The Teachers' Dungeon is an Educational Fantasy Game That Makes Difficult Concepts Comprehensible! It takes online gaming to a new level by linking a fantasy game to the educational standards taught in school.

Features of The Teachers' Dungeon

Common Core Standards

This game covers the essential standards of mathematics from the Common Core Standards for students in 3rd through 6th grades.

Adaptive Learning

This game adjusts to each child’s individual level of ability and provides a video tutorial any time that child gets a problem wrong.

Progress Monitoring

Teachers, Parents and Students can see exactly how they are progressing through the essential standards by looking at the STATS Page.


Loved by Students

I love playing The Teacher's Dugeon, because I learned so much this year.  The game really helps me understand the math.

6th Grade Girl


The Teachers' Dungeon is awesome because it helps me understand the math.  The tutorials are funny and super helpful!  This game makes learning fun!

Pricy - 4th grade student

I like playing The Teachers' Dungeon, because you get to save creatures from the dungeon.  I have earned a ton of crystals, so now I am a Princess. This game is a fun way to learn math.

Dragon Fighter 123 - 5th grade student

I love playing The Teachers' Dungeon. My favorite part is the video tutorials, because they relly help me understand the math.

Lilly - 6th grade student

Welcomed by Teachers

The Teachers' Dungeon keeps students focused, engaged, and motivated in learning grade standards.

Cristina - 3rd grade teacher

My students were recently introduced to Teachers' Dungeon. The moment we started exploring the game they were all very excited. They were interested in winning the quests and being able to add new characters. All of my students were actively participating with the game and enjoyed answering the questions. Many of my students wanted to know how they could access it from home because they wanted to continue playing! I have found that this game is not only educational, but the students love to play it.

Melissa - 5th Grade Teacher


My daughter used to hate math.  Now she not only likes it, she is getting an exceptional grade.  I couldn’t be happier.

Tom - Parent of a 5th grader


The Teacher’s Dungeon is one of my best teaching tools.  The game starts at a basic level of understanding and builds up from there.  It covers all of the essential standards, spiraling up in difficulty, with video tutorials that practically guarantees success.

Mrs. Madsen - 6th Grade Teacher